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Our Craftsmen. Your "To-Do" List.

Copyrights & Marks

HomePro Handyman is a best-practices company, and as such, we make every effort abide by all applicable laws and regulations governing Copyrights, Service Marks and Trade Marks. We endeavor to seek out Partner brand standards and use appropriate attribution. Per guidelines generally stipulated by best-practices, we display a:

© for copyright

™ for trademark

® for registered trademark

℠ for service mark

HomePro Handyman has invested considerably in its Brand and our website and other collateral design.


The HomePro Handyman logo is our corporate name and brand. Its related design display is annotated as being copyrighted.

Our name HomePro Handyman is a registered trade name by the Ohio Secretary of State, and all others are put on notice to cease and desist.  We own the rights to this name from October 2013 through October 2018 with entity number #2235414 registered to:


We own our domains and and if future plans include expansion or franchise operations, we establish our intellectual ownership of all brand assets effective

A © followed by either a single year date or date range, as in 2014 or later as 2014-2017, may display on our website (footer region) or on our print materials (web PDFs, print, etc.).

The absence of this attribution by intentional or accidental omission in our use does not imply the lack of copyright. Anyone else who mentions our brand on web or print without our written permission should attribute our copyright appropriately by footnote.

All photos in on our Photo page are our property and examples of our capabilities.  It should be assumed that these images are  fully copyrighted by HomePro Handyman.

In some instances we have employed Royalty Free images for design purposes, and as such, those image rights were purchased and none are rights managed.    

Our brand identity includes a tagline / slogan:    Our Craftsmen. Your “To-Do” List.    This is  our tagline and a Registered Trademark is pending.

Our written content is original and may not be used by others without our expressed written authorization, and only then with proper attribution and a link to the original content.  In like manner, we will observe the same best practices.

The technology used to build our website includes the use of many licenses – some are open source while others are paid.  Some applications are original and developed for us by our website designer/developer who licenses us their use in perpetuity in exchange for a credit link in the footer of our website.


Feel free to review all our Legal policies: